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We translate technology into human language.

Our clients
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What we do
Our goal is to convey your message to the target audience accurately and effectively. We spark imagination with compelling stories and show – rather than tell – what you as a business can achieve.

A healthy balance:
- amount of details (ratio)
- human touch (emotio)

Content strategy
We analyze your business goals and listen to your customers. Based on your preferences and our experience, we offer you a good-fit strategy for building lasting relationships with users.

Then, we move to the content itself.

Types of content:
- a case study
- guest article
- press-release
- scenario
- research
- white paper
Corporate blog
A blog is an investment. Play long or don't even try. We've done many variations of IT blogs and will help you build consistent communication with the true voice of your company.

Things to consider:
- depths of materials
- sense of humor threshold
Delivering true value
Tsachi Galanos
CEO at Bookmap
Denys has completed extensive work on building Bookmap's reputation and fulfilling our long-term marketing strategy through a series of interviews with traders.
He and his team have also been supportive in providing copywriting services and alternative ideas.
Kate Bayrachnaya
Senior Marketing Manager
at Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab
Our collaboration was long and fruitful: we launched and grew our corporate blog as well as made a few appearances in industry listings and PR articles.
Boris Abazher
The WTFBit team developed our blog from scratch, helped build the content strategy, and connect guest articles on other resources, including Medium.

The number of our leads doubled, and we are glad that some of them came via the site.
What we don't do
SMM is important. But that's not what we can do best. No worries, we can refer you to proven partners.
Specific experts do search engine optimization. But if you provide us with the SEO requirements, we can write an excellent article while keeping a healthy balance between robotic accuracy and human touch.
We've had several media appearances and partnership cases. WTFbit Media was the only Ukrainian media covering crypto. However, we decided to focus on writing and let true PRofessionals do their job.
Our works featured in
How much does it cost?
We charge per page (275 words) but may agree on the retainer contract or a fixed project fee. Price per 1 page varies from $25 to $60 and includes the following:
  • research
  • a few iterations of editing
  • native speaker proof-reading
  • publishing to your CMS (optional)
The price depends on the difficulty of the subject: casual articles v. an interview or an investigation, or a piece on cryptographic Zero-Knowledge proofs.

However, you shouldn't care as much about volume as an outcome of this communication with the audience. It is why we highly recommend knowing your customer profile well and decide on your business objectives upfront.
How fast can you start?
Depending on your requirements, we can start ASAP. However, we suggest scheduling a free call first to hear your vision for content. Sometimes, our clients don't need a blog or other pieces of content. We are glad to save your time and money.
Who is your team?
We are a distributed team of dedicated writers based in Australia, Canada, and Ukraine with 20+ years of writing experience in 5+ domains. We focused on IT to translate technology into human language.

We <3 fintech, DLT, and robots 🤖
Where are you based?
In three different time zones (see question above). This gives us a competitive advantage and the ability to deliver fast while keeping up with our quality standards.
How are you different from other agencies?
Well, one can hardly find another agency like ours. There is a legion of copywriters who emphasize copy(paste); there are multiple SMM- and PR agencies without deep expertise in your field of work.

We've spotted this gap and decided to work smart in this direction. We are knowledge athletes who will strengthen your team. The transfer window is open.
How do you ensure original content?
All of our content is 100% original. We put hours of sweat, heart, and mind into our text to be proud of what gets published on the web. We use a wide range of tools to eliminate any unconscious overlap with existing content, and they are included in the price.

Occasionally we play with AI, but hey, maestros have their secret sauce.
What payments do you accept?
After signing a contract, we can settle either via bank transfer (IBAN, Wise) or crypto (BTC, ETH, USDT, or your project's native asset).
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